10 On Page SEO Basics That Will Transform Your Website

Ever wondered why some specific websites always show up on SERP each time you search for a  specific keyword? 

Why do some websites take the front page of search results and others don’t?

Is Google playing a favoritism game? Nope. 

It’s pretty  basic SEO.

As a digital marketer or website owner, you should have at least heard the term SEO once or twice. If you have little or no idea about what it means it’s okay.

Let’s quickly  walk though

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Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing – The Best Way To Sell To Your Audience

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digital marketing

Digital Marketing – Everything You Need To Know

If you have a mobile phone with a browser or internet, digital marketing should not be a new concept to you. It has become a generic term found online.

Imagine this. You are on your phone, idly surfing through the web, when suddenly an Ad pops up on your screen. It’s an Ad for a food delivery service. This is surprising to you because just the other day, you did a 1-hour long research on the best food delivery

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Establishing A Social  Media Marketing Plan

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YouTube Has A New Podcast Feature

Podcasts are not a surprising element to YouTube but the famous video site is now making it very easy for people to find them.

YouTube has now created an explore page specifically dedicated for Podcasts. If you want to create more brand awareness for your business, Podcasts is a great digital marketing tool to take advantage of. The explore page is currently live for a lot of users. This recent YouTube Podcast feature/explore page became known in late

Nigerian SME's

This Is Why Nigerian SMEs Are Failing

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Artistes Must Have A Social Media Strategy – Digital Marketer, Adedotun

social media marketing

44% Percent Of Marketers Cite Social Media As Their Top Marketing Platform

ecommerce sellers

Amazon To Give Ecommerce Sellers Better Email Access to Its Platform Users

social media marketing

Understanding Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most subtle forms of digital marketing. This is because it is easy to market to people in a comfortable environment. A majority of people on social media want to be entertained, if your content is engaging enough to entertain them, you can easily market your product or service to them.

Social media marketing has become wholly integrated into all the different channels and aspects of social media. Incase you didn’t already know,

tiktok, facebook and instagram

The Importance Of Using TikTok, Facebook, And Instagram To Grow Your Business

LinkedIn – The New E-Commerce Store?

influencer marketing

Why Are Businesses Tapping Into The Influencer Marketing Scene?

What You Need To Know About Social Media Algorithms In 2022

What You Need To Know About Social Media Algorithms In 2022

website optimizations

Attract And Retain Customers With These 5 New Website Optimization Tips

A great content is all you need to grow your website, says no one ever. You can own the most beautiful house, but if it’s built on a shaky foundation, soon enough it comes crumbling down. You have very valuable content on your website, that’s great. But if your website isn’t built to help you attract and retain as much traffic as possible, then your strategy is bound to fail. This is where proper website optimization comes in.