If you have a mobile phone with a browser or internet, digital marketing should not be a new concept to you. It has become a generic term found online.

Imagine this. You are on your phone, idly surfing through the web, when suddenly an Ad pops up on your screen. It’s an Ad for a food delivery service. This is surprising to you because just the other day, you did a 1-hour long research on the best food delivery services in Lagos.

How did this happen? You do not have an answer to your question but you click on the Ad anyway. Maybe, you think, your thoughts are beginning to align with the universe. Maybe they are…or maybe it’s just digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves the use of online channels and platforms to create brand awareness and to promote your products or services.
You can also call it internet marketing or world wide web marketing because it makes use of the internet for its promotions.

Digital Marketing is an important component for your business because you can connect with customers on a consistent basis.

With Digital Marketing, you are able to leverage the online space to scale your brand and boost your business growth. It is less expensive than other methods of marketing that exist and features even more flexibility. You can implement digital strategies for your business wherever you are and whenever you want to.

With Digital Marketing, you are also able to reach a more targeted audience and more wider global audience. If you are able to do a critical research for your business and implement the right digital marketing strategies, the possibilities of losses for your business is greatly reduced.

There are various forms of digital marketing but, some of the most popular ones include; social media marketing, website marketing, content marketing, SEO, email Marketing and affiliate Marketing.

History Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing started gaining prominence in the 1990’s which was around the same time the internet became a global commercial network.

Web 1.0

It first started with the introduction of the Web 1.0. The web 1.0 was the first generation of World Wide Web and the beginning of the internet search.

This Web 1.0 only allowed users input their queries and read the answers. They were also known as the read only web. 

Yahoo, Google and others.

By 1994, more digital technologies had appeared, the most notable being Yahoo.

Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo made a whooping 1 million dollars within the first year of yahoo launching. This further helped to change the digital market scene with more people becoming more aware of it.

In 1996, Alexa and Looksmart, A search engine platform also joined the digital marketing space. They were all targeted at one major thing; delivering results for consumers search queries.

Google, Msn and Yahoo search engines also joined the fast-rising digital market. This was a fiercely competitive time for search engines and the moments that would define the popularity of each brand years down the line.

Other smaller search engines that did not perform as good as others got to buried in a rubble and were left behind.

Web 2.0

Web 1.0 experienced a slow fading out and then we saw the introduction of the Web 2.0. This new web software catered to customers’ needs more than the Web 1.0.
It did more than just answer their search queries. It helped customers communicate with other business and brands online.

As more digital channels came into the scene and developed, so did the need for information increase. By 2004, digital marketing was bringing about 2.9 billion dollars.

People soon started to think of more ways to utilize the digital channels. A lot of people wanted more and were ready to pay for it, the best brands and business right now are the ones who saw the opportunities in the rising digital marketing

This would begin the birth and era of my space. My space was the first social network to reach a global audience. It had a monumental effect on music and pop culture. Facebook followed closely behind, a few years after my space. Business began to see numerous opportunities that digital marketing held and the importance of tapping into them in time.

It was a chance for new businesses and existing ones to promote their brands through different channels.

Iphone and other mobile devices.

Then came the introduction of iPhone. This is an era that will stretch to the present. Prior to iPhones and other internet based mobile phones, most companies and persons would hire the services of a sales person before making important business decisions. They would go them for advice since there was no other channel to get the answers they were looking for. 

Iphones and other internet-based phones gave people and small business a new independence. While this was great for them, this would become a difficult challenge for marketing companies and sales persons who made their money through their personal input in companies.

Marketing companies decided to look for even more ways to utilize their services and so they introduced areas of marketing that would make it much easier to run.

Marketing Automation

A major introduction to the digital marketing scene for brands and business is the marketing automation. This introduction was done in 2007. Marketing automation simply refers to a marketing software that performs mass activities without human any human interaction needed. These marketing automations can be seen through email feedbacks, social media posts and even Ad campaigns.

The introduction of social media marketing networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and others has only led to digital marketing growth. There is no aspect of an online platform that you will not find digital marketing, it might be subtle but it exists.

This is majorly because a lot of customers want an easy and more seamless user experience which the marketing companies are willing to provide it. Digital marketing is on a never-ending growth process and it will gain even more frenzy in the coming years.

Google and some other major players who took advantage of digital marketing when it started gaining prominence are now effortlessly in the forefront of digital marketing.
The digital marketing space is a vast space and there are opportunities that you can play into and leverage on. With the right information and strategies you can create a consistent income for yourself through digital marketing

Components of Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a business strategy that involves the creation of valuable and relevant content with the sole aim of attracting people to your website.

This might sound easy to you but in reality, it is a lot more intricate. To create content that your audience will love and engage in, you need to have a thorough understanding of their experiences. The more your content reflects that experience, the more likely you are to build long term relationships with your customers.

To make inbound marketing an easier process for your business you need to become familiar with some fundamentals. These fundamentals will help you in your inbound marketing strategy and you will be able to create content that is tailored towards the experiences of your customers.

They include;

  1. Good customer relationship

2. Targeted Buyer Persona

3. Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey

4. Creating Relevant Content

5. Identifying Objectives And Goals

Content marketing

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing strategy that is focused on creating content for a target audience with the aim of attracting, engaging and converting them.
This is done through the creation of blog posts, videos, images, audios, podcasts and social media. Content marketing has a lot to do with your ability to sell the story of your brands and products through engaging words, infographics and multimedia.

Good Content marketing is one of the best and effective ways of establishing brand expertise as well as creating brand awareness. You must deliver content that is well thought out and properly detailed so that a visitor who stumbles into your website will have all their major questions answered. Think of content marketing as the main dinner and other digital marketing strategies as appetizers. Other marketing strategies might whet your appetite but content marketing is the food that will get consumers satisfied enough to make a purchase. 

When you create a relevant and helpful content, you spur people on in taking the required action on your website or online platform.

When creating content for your target audience, these are 3 stages you should take note of;

The Awareness stage

This is the moment the buyers realize that they have a definite problem. If they are able to identify a problem when going through your content, then you have been able to create a personalized experience for them through your content.

The Consideration stage

This is the stage where you show buyers that they have options and solutions to their problems. You want to smoothly draw their attention to your products or services that will solve their specific identified problem.

The Decision Stage

This is the final stage. You should make this stage easy for your potential buyers. At this stage buyers are beginning to view your content as a product or service that they would love to purchase rather than just a catchy sales letter. It’s great that your content has been an enjoyable one to read but the main aim of most content is to propel people to take an action. So, you have to make sure that the process for them make a final decision is an easy one.

Taking note of these stages is important because it is what will help you curate content that will speak to your visitors at different stage of their buyer’s journey.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO can be defined as the processes used to help a website or content on a webpage rank high on search engines. If you want to rank high on search engines then you have to consistently generate large website traffic for your business.
What does it mean to rank high on search engines? When you search for a particular word or phrase or even full sentences, there are contents that show up on the first pages of search engine related page, those are high ranking contents and are naturally more likely to get more organic traffic than other contents. Can you see why it is important that your websites optimizes on search engines?

There are other ways that you can get your website to rank high on search engines such as SEM. SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. It involves paid advertisement to generate traffic to your website. While this is a decent choice for people looking to appear on search engine’s first page, it is not a long term solution. It does not generate organic traffic and most likely once your paid advertisement is over, your websites’ visibility will start to drop again.

While there are different types of SEO, the two major types are On-page SEO and off page SEO. Every other types are subsets and exist under them.

On-page SEO

This is SEO that your visitors see when they come to your website. It relies heavily on content. The content being provided must be engaging, well structured and very compelling. There are different aspects of the On-page SEO such as keyword optimization, URL, headings/subheadings arrangements, alternate image, content readability etc.

Off-page SEO

This kind of SEO does not deal directly with your website’s content. The most major form of Off-page SEO is a link building. Getting links to your site is a great way to gain authority on your website. When you have good authority, google is able to rank you higher on the search pages. There are two major kinds of link building known as Backlinks and Inbound links. Backlinks are links that come into your website from another website.

The greater the authority of the website coming to yours, the more chances your site has in gaining authority. Inbound links on the other hand are links that connect your webpage to another webpage on your website. This helps to decrease your websites bounce rate because visitors are able to spend more time on your site. This will establish your website as having relevant information.

Social media is also another major player in Off page SEO because a lot of traffic already exists there. With the right kind of strategies, you can bring in a lot of people to your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the behind the scene part of an On page SEO. This means that you have to make sure that the the experience o user when they’re on the website is an easy one. Parts of technical SEO include easy user mobile interface, website design, speed load time for website etc.

Local SEO

This SEO is done as an alternative for business that have physical stores and want to attract people in the same area to their stores. Sometimes online traffic doesn’t really do it and some business need more than online traffic, this is when local SEO becomes important. A major aspect of local SEO is the “google my business page’. This is a page on google where your name, business address, email, phone number and other useful information are seen.

Email marketing

Email marketing in its simplest form is any marketing done through email. To further enhance that simple definition, it is any email sent out to a customer with the aim of getting them to perform an action. It is normally sent out for the purpose of generating leads or sales for a business.

With Email Marketing, you are able to build personal relationships with your customers which will promote loyalty and trust.

There are various kinds of email marketing, some of them include; event invitation email, email newsletter, seasonal campaign, Transactional emails, confirmation emails, lead nurturing email, social campaign email, behavioral emails etc.

Email Marketing is the fastest way to establish personalization with your customer, because you can communicate with them directly at any time that you want. You are sure to generate a lot of leads back to your website, if your email marketing campaign is done right.

Social media marketing

If you’re a social media user (and I know you are) then you should be used to some forms of social media marketing. You see them all the time and in different forms. From videos to images to writing contents, social media uses different ways to get messages across to their target audience.

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing that uses social media to attract customers through engaging content with the hope of increasing brand awareness, driving them to a website and eventually getting them to perform an action. You can use social media to promote your products or services amongst other things.

A successful marketing is one that generates a lot of traffic to website or gets people’s attention, what better place to do that than on social media where an insane traffic exists. A key way of making your social media content gain more traffic is by infusing it with entertaining elements so that your prospective customers can engage with it. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, snapchat, TikTok and even WhatsApp are some of the most popular channels you can leverage on to do your social media marketing.

If you are not yet using social media marketing for your brands or business, then you definitely should jump on that bandwagon. It will be beneficial for your business.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing where an affiliate earns a certain percent of commission by driving traffic to a company’s website. Affiliate marketing is reward based and relies on personal marketing efforts.

It is one of the majorly overlooked parts of digital marketing but it has great benefits and can be very significant and profound to your business especially if the affiliate marketer in question has an already established online presence.

Affiliate marketing also shares similarities with Influencer marketing and can sometimes be used interchangeably. There is a current trend and clamor for influencer marketing and for good reason to. They can be an amazing way to generate massive traffic to your website. Influencers typically have a dedicated social media following of people who love and trust their brand. When you work with them, you automatically become privy to their followers and so this helps increase you reach. This makes them the perfect candidate for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has 3 major forms it can come in.

The first is Unattached Affiliate Marketing. Just like the name implies, the affiliate market is not attached to the products or services that they are promoting. They have no history or knowledge about the brand and so they refrain from making specific claims when advertising for the particular brand.

Next, is the Related Affiliate Marketing. This kind of marketing involves an affiliate whose niche and brand that they’re promoting correspond. These affiliate marketers also usually do not make any specific claims about the brain.

The final kind of Affiliate Marketing is the Involved Affiliate Marketing. This is the deepest form of affiliate marketing. The affiliate has thorough knowledge of the products or services that they are promoting ad they also are actively using it or have used it in the past. This kind of Affiliate marketers generate the most traffic to a website.


PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click. It is a digital marketing model that can drive traffic to your website.  This form of marketing works by paying a publisher or a website owner every time someone clicks on your ad. Pay per click works by bidding for an ad placement on the top search result of search engines.

Pay Per Click form of Advertising is not an organic way for you to generate traffic to your website, but it works in generating a lot of traffic to your site. It is not advisable that you use the pay per click method as a stand alone, you should supplement it with other organic forms of marketing.

Nonetheless, PPC is still a good way form of digital marketing. Remember, no traffic brought to your website is bad traffic. If the visitors love your content, regardless of it being a paid content, they’re still take the needed action if they like what they see and possibly return again.

Video marketing

Video marketing simply means using videos for marketing and promotion of your products and services. One of the major aims of video marketing is attract and engage customers. Video marketing, if done right, can be a great way engage your audience as well as build a more credible brand.
When you’re marketing using videos you have to be creative. This is because, people bump into video ads on a consistent basis, so what is the unique flavor that your video has that will capture people’s interest.

From the moment a person glances at your video. they should want to watch it till the end. This means that your have to be intentional about sparking their interest and creating a flow that seamlessly falls into the other. In a survey carried out by Renderforest, they found out that about video marketing accounts for 70% of brand awareness, 51% of website traffic and 34% of sales.

You can implement video marketing on more than just your website, you can also use it on your social media posts to gain more exposure and engagements. You will also be able to rank higher in google search pages if your video marketing strategies are articulately done and consistent.

Some ways you can use video marketing for your business include; Demo videos, Behind the scenes videos, How-to videos, and reviews videos.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is any form of marketing that is done using mobile devices. These mobile devices could include phones, tablets or even iPad. It is one of the ways you can personalize the buying experience for a user. With mobile marketing you are able to reach a much wider audience because almost everybody has a cell phone these days. You can also reach out to people at specific times when you’re certain they will be actively using their phones.

Some of the forms of social media marketing include SMS, MMS, E-mail, social media marketing, location based marketing, in app marketing and other mobile applications.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

If you’ve read this to this point, then, I want to assume you now have an inkling of what digital marketing is all about. You have also been exposed to its different components.
Have you used digital marketing in the past for your business? Would you like to know how it works in impacting your business?

 It is important that you know how beneficial digital marketing can be for your business before proceeding further with it.

These are some of the reasons digital marketing is great for your small and medium business enterprise.

Inexpensive/cost effective

Digital marketing is one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing. It is not as costly as offline form of campaigns because you do not have to deal with various offline factors. You can tailor the amount of money you spend for the marketing depending on the kind of advert you’re doing. It is easy to manage the expenses of your digital marketing campaign budget and plan and stick to it.

Mobile friendly

A majority of people in the world right now own smart phones. This is a digitalized era and more people want the convenience that mobile phones bring to them as opposed to other digital channels.

This means that digital marketing will naturally yield higher returns than any other form of marketing. Think of it this way; most people own smart phones and they spend a lot of their time on them tirelessly perusing the internet.

This means that digital marketing will reach them faster and more easily than any other form of marketing. Remember good marketing is all about reaching an intended audience and it makes it so much easier for your business to do so.

Specific Customer Targeting

Offline marketing is like a blind walk in the park trying to find a bench. It will be difficult for you to find the bench easily. If you’re lucky enough to find it, you would have gone through some form of stress for sure. Offline marketing puts out content to different people who might have different interests, you will be lucky if your message finds the right consumer that you’re looking for.

This is different from digital marketing. With digital marketing you can target your message to reach a specific message. You are more self-assured and confident that your message will reach the right audience. The demographics gotten from your buyer personae is an important aspect of digital marketing because you are able to target the right audience which saves you time and resources.

Builds Customer loyalty

Retaining customers after they purchase a service or product can be quite difficult but digital marketing makes the process easier. You can reach out to them through online platforms like social media and emails on a consistent basis, following up with them to get them to purchase other products or a service. You can also advertise new products to them.

A high chunk of sales can come from existing customers and this can only happen if you are consistently reaching out to them and if your services and products delivered as was promised.


Digital marketing is extremely flexible. There are thousands of options for you to try out. You can always start with any digital strategy as long as it aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice.
The Ad options are a lot and you have the advantage of test running whatever works for your brand temporarily before switching to another one that works better.

The best part of its flexibility is that it still does not cost half as much as other forms of marketing. You can always decide to stop a poorly performing campaign at any time and use other more effective digital marketing methods for your campaigns.

Better Business Exposure

Other forms of marketing do not offer the flexibility and network that digital marketing offers. You are heavily restricted based on your geographical location. However, with digital marketing you can get your brand and company anywhere in the world.  

You could be in Nigeria creating marketing content for people in the UK. And the best part about it? It does not cost much. This increases your reach by over a 100 percent. No matter how small your business might seem you have the ability to target a large audience through internet marketing.

There are moments when your aim is to attract customers in your region or state to your business. This is especially true for food and other related companies. This is when reaching a local audience is very important. By using Ads targeted at locals in your area, you can get specific results and gain more local customers to your small business.

Better communication

There is no better way for you to communicate with your customers both prospective, new and returning customer than through digital marketing. You can communicate with customers and your target audience through your blog posts, social media posts and comments, email messages, customer reviews and so much more.

All of these are content that will develop long lasting interaction between your business and the consumer. It builds trust and creates a much more intimate and personal experience for the consumer. They feel like you’re talking to only them each time they see a piece of content from you.

Easy To Measure

Measuring the results of campaign efforts when doing offline marketing can be difficult. You can’t tell how many people viewed your Ad and how many returned to view it again. You can’t tell how long it took them to read your content or if the bounced out the moment they saw it.

Digital marketing features top notch analytics tools that help you measure your customers activities on your website. You can tell easily just how long they spent on your website, what part or content in your website they loved they most as well as their bounce rate.

This puts digital marketing a mile ahead of its other competitor’s and makes it the better, more rewarding choice for marketing your company.

Collaboration With Influencers

Prior to digital marketing, the influencer marketing scene was sparse. Even worse, working with them was difficult and only the best brands could work with them especially celebrity influencers.

It’s different now. Currently, your brand can reach out to any influencer of your choice to work with them. This is because most influencers are now in digital platforms. As long as your brand aligns with what they believe in and you are willing to pay the recommended amount, then, most influencers in the world are willing to work with you.

 Richer content range

Offline marketing is limited in terms of marketing. They do not offer the rich video and photo quality that digital marketing offers. They do not contain as much robust information because playing for a space on as opposed to your own specific online platform and website. When writing online, you’re able to go into more details about your brand without any restraints or guidelines guiding you.

People love watching video content or listening to audios as opposed to other forms of content. They are more entertaining and can translate into a form of digital marketing for them. It is less invasive than offline marketing and if your script or video content is good enough, you will have consumers watching your content to the very end.

Challenges of digital marketing

Understanding Your Audience

As much as digital market has progressed rapidly through the years, there are still some specific information about customers that they you cannot get as a digital marketer. The buyer persona at the end of the day is created on “fragmented facts” which I really call “assumptions”. Sometimes the buyer persona that you have created might have absolutely no resemblance to the target audience you’re hoping to reach. There are specific consumers information needed which will change the dynamic for digital marketing companies. 

Creating Valuable Content

A huge challenge for digital marketers is figuring out what type of content their target audience will find relevant. If you get one piece of content wrong, you will not able to attract the engagement that you want. Sometimes, even after doing research, it is still possible that you can create content that your audience will not be able to relate to on a deeper level. Also, finding the time to consistently dish out valuable content can be difficult. You have to constantly feed your Audience, if you don’t feed them on a regular basis, over time they will lose interest and search for content elsewhere.

Generating new leads

What is a business without new leads? It is the most important aspect of a business. Unfortunately, the digital marketing space is also extremely competitive, which means that there are a thousand other companies looking for the same leads that you are searching for. The following questions are important questions to ask;

What will make your company rank higher than others? What information are you providing that the others are not providing? What strategies do you need to put in place?

Sometimes, even after in-depth research, it can still be difficult to generate new leads.


Sometimes you could spend a lot on digital marketing for a product and service and get minimal result. This is especially true during periods when the economy us on a sudden decline. Your consumer might not have the funds to patronize you at a particular time despite how great your services and products might seem. This will be a waste of resources and money spent on the marketing.

Good marketing equals good ROI most of the time but, sometimes, but there are factors completely out of your control that could affect your Return on Investment.

Understanding the tools and tech

There are over a million new digital marketing tools and technologies coming out every day and sometimes it can be very overwhelming. There are some that are intricate that you will need to take out quality time to properly learn them. You also have to make sure that whatever new tool or tech in the market will not interfere with your customers user experience. There is not enough robust information for brands on how to adapt to new tools and technology.

What does a digital marketer do?

A digital marker is responsible for using different marketing channels to promote company products and services to a specific target audience in the hopes of creating brand awareness and increasing company leads. One of the major roles of a digital marketer is generating traffic for the website.

Becoming a digital marketer involves a lot of experience and compulsory skills but if learnt well, there are countless opportunities that abound. Since digital marketing is vast, you can chose to focus on one or two specific niches or you can even decide to become a master of all. Some digital marketing skills to learn include; design thinking, content marketing, data and analytics, SEO and SEM skills, video marketing skills etc.

These are some of the major career path that abound in the digital marketing space-

1. Content marketer

2. SEO Specialist

3. Social Media Marketer

4. Website content writer

5. Graphics designer

7. User Experience Designer

8. Content manager

9. Web developer

10. Digital copywriter

The Future Of Digital Marketing

In the coming years, digital marketing is going to reach even more global audience, including local and remote places in the world. The world is going to become extremely digitalized, and you will be able to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world without restrictions. Remote areas are going to begin to feature startups just like the big cities and the number of internet users will only double in time.

Schools all over will also begin to offer digital marketing as a major course exploring the different niches under it. Currently there are already existing various digital marketing agencies that are already offering digital marketing courses and it is only going to grow even bigger. There is a high demand for digital marketing and it is only natural that there is also a supply for it.

Artificial Intelligence in businesses will be boosted massively. Already, there are some business who are already using AL and machine learning for a better customer experience and this enhances customer satisfaction by 10%. Artificial Intelligence works well in tackling complicated customer questions while still giving them a personalized relationship.

Another major change that will happen in the digital marketing space is that voice marketing will become more centralized and popular. In a PWC survey, 65% of people from 25 to 49 speak to a voice enabled device at least once a day. This will only increase in years time. Voice marketing makes interaction for customers easier and more personal.

Frequently Asked Question About Digital Marketing

 How do I generate traffic back to my website?

To generate traffic to your website you have to consistently put out relevant and valuable content for audience. You can also use social media to your advantage by including links on your social media page that will take people to your website. You can also generate traffic by engaging in online forums and establishing yourself as an expert. You can answer a question and include a link back to your website. If the audience finds your answer relevant to their question, they will most likely pay a visit to your website.

What ways can my company benefit from digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the major way you can create brand awareness on a global level for your business. It does not mater if your business is small, medium or large. If Your digital strategies are right, you are able to reach a wide audience. It is a less expensive form of marketing. You do not need to spend so much money on paid adverts because you can organically generate a lot of traffic to your website. Digital marketing also helps you connect more with your audience and you are able to serve them better.

How do I attract google’s punishment?

Black hat SEO is a major way you can attract punishments’ and penalties from google. If you want to be on googles good book, then you have to make sure you pay attention to their rules and stick to White hat SEO tactics. This means consistently creating quality content, avoiding keyword stuffing, refraining from linking to sites with low security, updating your xml sitemap and others. When you stick to the basics of Google’s rules, you will not be penalized.

 How important is blogging for my website?

Blogging is extremely important for your website. When you create contents for people, they are likely to build a relationship with your brand and perform specific tasks as opposed to a cold website. It is what attracts traffic organically and remains one of the best ways to communicate to visitors.

 What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a digital marketing strategy that involves that involves the generation of consumer interest for a product or service in order to establish a pipeline for sales. Lead generation focuses on conversion which means it collects customer details and information to reach out to them again through other forms of marketing.

Is it better to focus on one digital marketing strategy or different ones at the same time?

It is not advisable to focus on just one digital marketing strategy. There are different strategies for your brand and you should take advantage of them. Of course, everything done should be done in moderation so while it might be tempting to explore so many digital marketing strategies, find the right ones that resonate with your brand and works well for it.

To rank high on Google’s SERP, how many hours should I invest in marketing strategies?

An average time to invest is a few hours each week. You might need to increase those hours depending on your marketing performance over time and the competition in your industry. Your time should be focused on building links for your website, blogging, social media marketing etc.

What’s the biggest mistake digital marketers make?

The biggest mistake most digital marketers make is making their content about themselves. It’s easy to want to talk about how amazing your company is and what great milestones it has achieved, but the main goal is to address the customer’s needs. You should make your marketing campaign customer centric.

How often do I need to publish blog posts or create new content?

You should create consistent on a consistent basis. As often as you can. This does not mean that any content can go. You have to be certain that each content you put out is nota duplicate of an already existing content and that your target audience will find it incredibly helpful and valuable.

How can I create a marketing plan for my business?

You have to conduct a thorough in-depth research of your target audience. Identify your competitors and gain insights on what is working for them. You also need to be able to establish brand’s weaknesses and strengths. Make sure you are offering people a UVP, so that you are able to give them more relevant content and establish yourself as an authority and expert.

You should also identify the right marketing channels and tools to use for your strategy implementations as well as your marketing budgets.

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