Why Social Media?

In the new digital era, we find ourselves in right now, Social media is the BIG trend. It is a massive and cost-effective opportunity to build a loyal base of customers and reach out to prospective customers.

Social media keeps evolving as a marketing channel. Each prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc constantly release new features and updates. Keeping up with these rapid changes can be quite tasking, sometimes you don’t even know where to start and which platform is right for your brand.

This is where the Bingreach Social media team comes in. Using our vast experience of  the social media sphere we craft the best custom made approach to help maximize your business objectives

By engaging an audience through social media channels, our team will demonstrate the ability to generate awareness, widen your company’s potential reach within your target market, and contribute to driving more website traffic, which will ultimately result in top-line growth.

Of course, the most effective social media marketing happens over time when quality meets consistency.

How We Work

Social Media Audit

We start by performing an audit of your target audience and cross-reference this with your current channels set up – however many this may be. This is a key stage in the process as we’ll make sure the right channels are set up for the right audience in mind.

Creating Engaging Social Content

Beginning with a quick yet thorough planning/preparation, our team will plan out a dynamic on-going social content calendar to guide you to your goals.

We’ll also provide you with social post schedules which will promote content already on your site as well as content we may create for you. Our team of experts will know exactly what hashtags to use for your sector and will also incorporate your agreed tone of voice too.

Posting Company Related Updates

Our plan is to engage your social media audience by sharing company news, press releases, events, employee spotlights, and more with emphasis on reaching your target audience at peak periods.

We will also pay close attention to industry trends, and share it. This will help to gain exposure with your target market

Integrate Social Media Activity Into Other Marketing Plans

With clear communication and monthly brainstorming meetings, we’ll be able to consolidate the marketing initiatives to fit your goals and promotional material. Campaigns via social media are more important than just sharing about giveaways, sales, contests, and/or promotions. We will agree on a schedule for a series of posts to keep up the exciting momentum for all prospective customers.

Social Advertising

Social advertising can turbo boost engagement and website traffic to unprecedented heights. We can also deliver bespoke social media campaigns designed to drive social engagement, capture data and boost the visibility of a new product. 

We will provide comprehensive monthly reports detailing how your social media profiles are having a positive effect on your business, ensuring it’s meeting (and exceeding!) key targets set out at the audit stage.

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Brands We Have Worked With

Everyday at Bingreach is devoted to working from our heart with sincerity and gratitude for our clients and their customers who place their trust in our brand.

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