Our Story

The story of our origins is but a simple one.

Having worked for a few years as the Head Of Channels (traditional & Digital) for Virtual Media Network (owners of NigezieTV & OrisunTV), a multi faceted media brand within Nigeria as well as building a career as a digital media practitioner, Founder, Umeani David identified 2 major problems.

The Big Issue

The digital revolution was coming in thick and fast but many businesses were not ready.

Some were ill equipped or just didn’t understand how to leverage on digital tools and solutions to grow their businesses.

Also, he noticed that young creatives didn’t have the best work environment. An environment that encouraged creativity and result delivery.

Bingreach Digital Launches

So in 2017, David launched Bingreach Digital with a vision to empower businesses to grow and exceed expectations using innovations and tools in the digital space as well as to create the best possible work environment for digital creatives to thrive.

The Bingreach Goal

The goal at Bingreach Digital is to help at least 200 businesses each year grow over 50% by leveraging on the right digital tools and innovations.

Because we love to give back ourselves in Service, we commit to take on at least 1 Pro-bono job each month of the year. This is usually one of our most exciting projects to work on because we just love to see businesses Become More.

Everyday at Bingreach is devoted to working from our heart with sincerity and gratitude for our clients and their customers who place their trust in our brand.

We believe you should Never Settle for anything less than you deserve, in business, in your career, in life.

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