It’s one thing to identify your target audience, its another thing to speak a language that they can easily understand. For the longest time, digital marketers have resorted to using the acceptable global languages to communicate to their audience, but, in recent times we see a lot of these digital marketers starting to explore the use of vernacular languages when marketing to their customers. The use of vernacular Ads in digital marketing is gradually building up and of course it begs the question, WHY?

Before we dive into that soon, first, let’s go over what Vernacular Ads are first of all. Vernacular Ads basically means the use of individual mother tongue to engage with a specific audience to create a more understanding, receptive and emotional buying environment for your potential customers.

The language which you decide to use for your consumers is very important. Research have shown that a majority of consumers will respond better to an Ad if it speaks their particular language or dialect. E.g. Imagine if you are interviewing people for a job position and out of the throngs of interviewees present you find one who speaks the same dialect as you. If you will be honest, there will be a part of you that will naturally gravitate to that specific person amidst others. It’s natural. This explains why potential customers will interact more with vernacular Ads. People will connect more and create better experience for themselves through personal languages than they will with the universal languages.

Impact Of Vernacular Ads In The Digital Marketing Scene

Regional Inclusivity

Vernacular Ads has and is still paving the way for a lot of regions to be included in marketing campaigns. There are a lot of individuals who live in remote areas and regions who will not be able to understand the English language or any other universal language but will connect more with a language of their own dialect. They have been slighted on a consistent basis during marketing campaigns but vernacular Ads promises inclusivity for them.

There is no reason all regions shouldn’t be included during digital marketing because a chunk of target audience also exists there. For example, if you are an Agric based company and you are running an Ad for lands that are available to be sold, your target audience should also include people who live in remote regions, unfortunately if you’re using a universal language like English, they might not fully understand or connect with it when they see it. Vernacular Ads completely breaks the language barrier. In the past years, the creation of more vernacular Ads has led to a increase in the consumption of media by native people and has accelerated their hunger for more digital content.

More direct communication with customers

The more direct your communication is to your audience when marketing a product or a service, the more they are likely to take action. With Vernacular Ads you add a personal touch to your brand message because you are speaking in a language that is closed to your audience’s hearts.

The recipients feel exclusive because they are aware that the message is not meant for everyone. You are able to build more deeper and meaningful connection with your audience based on this feeling of exclusivity that you have created. Communicating in vernacular Ads not only builds a more direct communication it also generates higher leads and drives stronger conversions for your brand.


What’s your long term goal for your brand or business? To diversify it and get it across all boards in the world? Your answer is probably leaning heavily towards a yes.

It is every digital marketer’s dream or business owner’s dream to grow their brands not just in their country but in the world. This will only be possible if you are able to speak different languages to different people keeping the same brand message. The more widespread you want your brand to be, the more you need to learn to understand your different target audience and create content that will speak to them with clear specificity.

Including Vernacular in your marketing is a great way to reach a wider audience. You can create different lingual Ads that will cut across different countries regardless of their language barrier. In whatever form your Ad appears in (print, digital, tv, online) it can be created to include different languages, so that your Ads regardless of where it reaches is understood perfectly by the target audience.

In summary there is a increasing appetite for more regional content and you need to tap into it as soon as possible if you want to diversify your brand, grow your business and satisfy your potential customers.

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