Amazon.com has introduced a new feature which will be incredibly helpful to Ecommerce sellers using its platform. This new feature is known as the ‘Tailored Audiences’ and it helps sellers send emails to consistent customers, latest customers and high spending customers.

This was announced at the Amazon Accelerate Conference last week in Seattle.

Before their new feature was introduced, Ecommerce sellers on Amazon could only send emails to their brand followers. This new feature is easily accessible at no cost at Seller Central, Amazon’s online portal for sellers.

Amazon revealed that their decision was influenced by brands expression for more improved tools to increase customer lifetime value. After all, Amazon sellers own over half of the products on its platform. Carla Vernón, VP, also stated that Ecommerce sellers will now be able email their customers with messages such as “reminders of things like your hot deals or your new product launches’’.

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Sellers will also be able to track their email marketing outreaches, level of their customer engagement, their performance and other important metrics such as click through rates, opt out rates, emails delivered, open rates and sales and conversion.

‘’Tailored Audiences’’ is currently undergoing beta testing and there are major plans to make it accessible to all amazon US sellers in 2023.

Bloomberg described the Tailored Audiences tool as “a risky bid to boost sales that could inundate inboxes with spam,” noting that customers won’t be opting in for the email messages.

“The move marks a break with Amazon’s historic reluctance to let independent merchants connect directly with customers ‘for fear of alienating them,” according to the report. “But online sales have slowed from their pandemic highs, and antitrust investigators are probing the power Amazon holds over millions of third-party vendors.”

This new feature is coming at the right time especially with the decline in value of email marketing thanks to spammers and the continuous growth of social media.

Email marketing surveys in recent years have continued to show its cost effectiveness. A survey shown in 2018 from Smart Insights and GetResponse found that almost 50 percent of digital marketers considered email marketing effectives to be in the category of good or excellent. Social media marketing recorded 39 percent, SEO recorded 33 percent, content marketing recorded 33 percent and finally social pay per click recorded 31 percent.

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