When you first think about starting your E-commerce brand, it does seem pretty easy on paper. What’s the big deal right? You sell products that people want, you market it to the target audience that needs it, and then they buy it. Voila!

In reality, starting and managing an E-commerce brand is a lot more difficult than a lot of people imagine it to be. Fortunately there are various ways for you to increase the visibility of your ecommerce brand without breaking the bank. LinkedIn for one, is a great platform for you to market your products and services online. In recent years, the audience is this social platform has only greatly increased and more and more people are leveraging it as an online market place.

Why LinkedIn Is The Fastest Growing Platform For E-Commerce

LinkedIn has over 100 million business professionals on its platform which makes it the perfect platform to connect and meet with other business owners and partner with them to drive sales to your business. You stand a high chance of attracting customers to your brand if you use LinkedIn the right way and this will in turn, drive traffic to your website.

Even though LinkedIn as a social media platform is tilted towards professionalism and employment opportunities, it can be used for a lot more. With the large audience it has and the quality of the professionals, your E-commerce brand can grow rapidly if you leverage the social platform as n ecommerce platform. The large audience it currently has naturally promises your business more visibility and more opportunities to grow. This is why there is an increasing number of growing their businesses using the LinkedIn Platform.

Another core reason why this platform is great for businesses is because it gives you the opportunity to tell your brand story, highlight your goals and mission for your business and just showcase your brand to people easily. If your business story is interesting enough and connects with people, the more attention you will garner for your brand.

5 Ways Business Owners Can Leverage LinkedIn As Their New E-Commerce Platform

You Can Promote Your Content

You can use LinkedIn to advertise your contents to people. A lot of individuals have noticed a considerable spike in their website’s traffic after using LinkedIn to promote their website content. You can also take advantage of the sponsored content option which promises a high engagement rate. It is a bit expensive compared to other social platforms but the result are well worth it. Creating brand awareness is so much easier using this LinkedIn.

Become A Part Of Groups

LinkedIn has a lot of active groups and you can join them and pitch your business to the individuals in the group. You have the opportunity to connect with people who share the same business goals with you and they can help you push your brand and business in the faces of others. You can more effectively plan ahead for future positions by balancing your needs against the qualifications of the people in your area. You may also find that someone simply fits an exact niche you need

Research Competitors

Researching competitors on LinkedIn is a great way you can use the platform to boost your ecommerce business. When you research competitors, you are able to learn from them; their wins ad mistakes and tailor it to fit your brand. This is an area of LinkedIn that is still very underutilized . You can use the date gotten from your competitors to improve and positively impacts your marketing efforts for your business.

Hire New Employees

You can advertise new job openings for your Ecommerce platform on LinkedIn. The best part is that you have the opportunity of going through their LinkedIn profile to know how qualified they are for the job. This saves time and also gives your a higher opportunity of employing someone suitable for the job role you are advertising. Anyone who is interested in your brand can go over your brand story to get more information and vice versa.

Post Consistently

At the end of the day, consistently plays a huge role in any goal being actualized. If your aim s to take your business to new heights using the LinkedIn platform then you should post on the platform consistently. You have to create contents that are compelling enough to attract and engage people. If you post helpful information on a regular basis you can build LinkedIn authority and trust which will help you generate leads.

How To Find E-Commerce Clients On LinkedIn

Craft Your LinkedIn Business Page And Optimize It

It’s simple… Not having a LinkedIn profile means new leads won’t get to engage with you.

So, as part of your marketing strategy, you need to have all your relevant information on your page. That includes a link to your eCommerce website, other social media channels, and contact details.

You can also leverage testimonials from previous clients to show potential clients what you can offer. Doing so helps build trust and improve your brand image.

And remember…

Keep your business page looking professional and updated! It’s a good practice to entice more clients.

You can find the ideal client when you…

2. Clearly Know Your Audience

Listen… Without knowing your target market, your marketing strategy will be all over the place. You would not know what you are specifically looking for.

And depending on what your niche is, your potential clients want to know your angle.

So, the more you know and understand who your new clients are, the better your profile and lead generation strategy will be.

A good strategy to identify your clients is to find organizations that are similar to yours. You can get up-to-date intel from their posts and followers.

Don’t forget to take into account your brand’s buyer persona when you find clients. This saves time when looking for potential clients.

The next step to finding clients is to…

, connect and talk with your existing clients. Sending connection requests to a few people with help you find new clients.

Here’s how that works.

Once you have connections, LinkedIn suggests different profiles you might know.

Yep, having connections can create more connections. One contact gives you access to a second one; your second one leads to another, and so on.

Leverage Paid Sales Tool

Hold on to your hats… The interesting paid ads tool we will be talking about is worth using this social media platform.

You see, it is efficient when customizing based on job function, industry, language, skills, etc. It lets you target clients on a deeper level.

Reaching niche clients won’t be a hardship. You can increase your leads to your eCommerce site.

I’m talking about LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

For example, you are looking for clients within your niche. You can use the keyword “eCommerce” and job titles of decision makers like “owner” or “manager”.

Input your chosen keywords in the Lead Search bar. You can include other details like your industry or your products.

Participate In LinkedIn Groups

Different groups will let you reach and attract clients. You can find out what they talk about, which will help persuade them to interact with you.

Here’s a good feature…

You can message the group’s members without having to connect with them on the platform. They are also free and have the same benefits as paid ads when it comes to marketing and targeting.

If you want, you can also create a group on your own. You’ll be able to interact with your ideal prospective clients.

 Post High-Quality Content

When it comes to marketing, you know how crucial it is that you create content that is high-value.

Everything you do on LinkedIn will go down the drain when you don’t.

So, make sure that your content shows how you are a thought leader. It should also effectively engage clients.

Marketing includes distributing it on ads, groups, and your profile itself. Publish articles or create a blog post to spark conversations.

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