Everyone talks about how great it is to have the best contents sitting pretty in your website. Content that your audience can resonate with. Content that evokes emotions from people.

But, how do you create this type of content?

Creating compelling content is the only way for you to generate long term traffic to your website as well as build a relationship with your potential customers and existing ones.

To create compelling content, you have to be able to engage your website visitors with your words, consistently offer them valuable information and be abreast on all things trendy in your industry.

Creating the best content is not a one-off marketing strategy  but a digital strategy that you have e to be invested in for as long as your website exists.

These are 11 Tips for you which can help you create compelling content for as long as you want

Tell a good story

The best way to get the attention of people is through telling stories. Whatever product or service you’re trying to sell should be crafted in such a way that your audience naturally buys into them.

The only way to achieve that is through great story telling.

Every brand has their own unique story. Just like their products and services. 

Try and communicate that story to toyour ideal audience in an entertaining and engaging way.

It could be through the use of humor, deep emotions or just spinning relatable stories.

It’s not just enough for you to tell the best stories, the stories you’re telling should effortlessly connect to your brand personae and your products.

Always chose quality over quantity

This is something that has been said a lot times but rarely do people actually listen to it.

When creating content that you want people to love and engage with, quantity is important but you knows what’s even more important? Quality.

Do you understand that their is just so much content out there?

There are blogs just like yours who are pushing out numbers of articles on a daily basis. 

What makes yours stand out from them isn’t upping those numbers, it’s the quality of the content that you’re creating.

It’s important that you’re intentional about every single content you push out. It should be thoughtfully put together having your audnece in mind.

This is the easiest way to cut through all the background noise by other competitors and emerge a winner.

When your content is a quality one, people are able to share it and also google is able able to rank it for relevancy.

Speak To An Ideal Audience 

When creating any form of content, you have to have a visual memory of the audience you hope the content reaches. If nothing comes up in your head when you visualize an audience for your content, then you need to halt  immediately with the content you want to push out.

Your content, (written, audio, or video) should speak to a particular group of people. This is the only your audience will be able to connect deeply with your content.

You should not create a free content that is for everyone. It should be targeted to address the needs of specific group of people.

That way, you are able to build a personalized relationship with your website visitors.


Let’s face it. Sometimes reading long form contents can get exhausting. 

There are people with very short attention span, so, no matter how well crafted your writing is, they will still want to skip it if it’s long.

A great way to step up your content is by infusing images, videos and even audios in it.

This can break up a long read and make the content more enjoyable.

Always Give Value With Your Content

If you’re not going to provide value with your content then don’t put it out.

Don’t just create content for the sake of creating content or because you have to. 

If nobody is interested in hearing what you have to say in your content then refine it until you’re certain it’s giving a lot of value.

You would not to feed your eyes on a content that gives you no value would you?

Same with your audience.

Use More Of List style posts

Lists are a great way to break down a content and make it more enjoyable for people to read.

Which content are you most likely to read?

  1. Ways to lose weight
  2. 10 ways you can lose weight.  

It’s natural to feel more inclined to read the second one.

This is because now you know what you’re getting yourself into and what to expect. It also makes it much easier to read and digest.

Don’t Play It Too Safe, Leverage Controversy

Who doesn’t love a bit of a debate or argument? As long as you’re not overdoing it or getting carried away in the drama, writing on controversial topics can be a great way to get people invested in your content.

People gobble up controversy and they also love to give their two cents on controversial topics especially when their are different sides to it. 

This can be a great way for you to generate a lot of traffic to your website. You can get noticed across various platforms and also get your blog post shared.

Use Simple Language

If your audience has to think twice about a word in your content, then you’re not writing in a  simple language. 

People often mistake using ‘difficult to understand words’ with great content.

The truth is your average audience, will probably only understand simple languages. If they have to use a dictionary to understand a word, a great bet is that they will not come back to your website.

You can use  simple words to communicate and still create elite and engaging content that your audience will absolutely love.

Your words should be written in a Lay man’s terms so that it can be easily digestible to all who come across your content.

If you’re finding this a bit tricky to achieve, think about having a conversation with an acquaintance. How would you speak to them?

Write the same way you would speak.

Use Paragraphs and Subheadings

No matter how amazing you think your content is, if the words just keep running into each other, your audience will bounce out of your website faster than you dropping a scalding hot plate of food.

Your content should be easy on the eyes. Imagine taken out the time to write a quality content that your audience can’t even read because it looks all stuffed up.

Space out your content as much as possible. It’s not about how long your content is, as along as it’s engaging, speaks to a targeted audience and is paragraphed the right way, people will read it to the end.

Also try as much as you can to use subheadings. 

Just like lists, they’re a great way to break contents and make it more readable. 

Don’t be Shy; Ask Your Audience What They Want

Sometimes all you have to do to create the best content that your audience will ever read is simply asking them.

At the end of a blog post, you can ask them to let you know what sort of content they will like to read next. Their feedbacks might surprise you.

Remember, your content should be customer centric, and the best way to achieve this is if you hear directly from the horse’s mouth.

You can also create pop up quizzes on your website which they can fill and you can get a better insight into what type of Comtent they really like.

They’re also most likely to enjoy reading the contents they contributed to.

Tap Into Pop Culture

You can take adVantage of trending news in the pop culture and narrow it down to your industry.

It’s all about tying two elements together expertly. 

You also have to be able to release this content when the specific pop culture you want to leverage on is trending.

You are able to get a lot of attention by doing this.

Howver, you have to be careful when writing on trendy pop culture, if it isn’t done right, you can confuse your audience.

Write On Trends In Your Industry

Look into your own niche industry. It could be digital marketing or fashion and lifestyle or healthcare, whatever it is, stay abreast of all new updates.

If you can consistently write on what’s trending in your industry, your target audience will automatically see you as a trusted source and authority and they will keep coming back to your website.

As important as it to create compelling content, don’t forget to promote Your content.

Imagine having the best content on your websites, but no one except maybe your close friends and family know that such great content exists. What a total waste!

Post about your contents regularly on all of your social platforms, tweet about it as regularly as you can, guest post on other websites and just regularly look for ways to push your content in the faces of a large audience.

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