Videos! Short form videos. Long form videos. Every potential customer loves them. At least…almost all.

Why not? They’re the best and fastest way to get the attention of any customer.

Brands have of course noticed that their audience gravitate more towards video form advertisements and have embraced it fiercely.

Video Marketing is becoming one of the most common forms of advertising and you should definitely start using it if you haven’t already. I mean…what else are you waiting for?

Videos are amazing for marketing, but, what kind of videos work best and will appeal more to your target audience?

Video marketing is a great way to promote your brand because you are able to feed your audience content in an entertaining way. You also have an option of spicing up your content and tailoring it to suit the needs of your audience. Your video can be informative, educative or just plain entertaining. Either way, you have a high chance of getting your audience to engage with your content if it’s in a video format.

Videos are great for marketing and promotion of your business, but, what type of video works best for your Ad campaign? Should you stick with long form videos or should you go for long form videos instead?

Which is better?

Short Form Videos Vs Long form Videos For Your Marketing

Short Form Videos

Short form video content are marketing videos that have a time duration of 30 to 60 seconds.

In terms of increasing click through rate, you should consider using short form content because a consumer is most likely to watch your video till the end if it’s short as opposed to long videos.

However, despite its high click through rate, if you want to tell a brand story through your ad, then a short form video isn’t advisable. You want to be able to sell emotions to people with your story and it will be really difficult to achieve that with a short form video because it will not afford you the time you need to do so.

So, when you decide to use a short form content for your brand promotion, you have to find out first what your end goal is with it. Do you want an increased CTR or do you want to take your time to actually convince people about your brand?

If you’re not looking to tell a story through your video, then you should be KNOW that short form videos currently have the highest return on investment of any social media strategy.

Short form content can also help you immediately capture the attention of consumers because it eliminates the challenge of a fleeting attention span.

Long-Form Videos

Long form videos are a more detailed and longer video form of marketing. It has a longer time duration period compared to the short form video.

Can you use the long form video to capture the attention of audience? Yes. But can you keep it? Now that’s the tricky part.

A lot of people do not have the time or the attention span to keep on watching a video for longer than 30 seconds. If you want to keep their attention then your long form video must be extremely engaging.

You can use long form video marketing to get more personal and in-depth with your consumers. They help you establish a relationship.

This is is because you can tell a story (a brand or product story) through it.

The downside is that a lot of your consumers would not be able to watch your video to the end except it is super engaging due to the length and this will lead to a decrease in your CTR.

You can decide on a long form video if it aligns with your brand goal. You need to identify what you are trying to achieve with your video. Are you telling a story or do you just want more clicks to your website?

You decide!

Short Form Videos Are Better For Your Business – This Is Why

While short form video contents and long from video contents both have their perks and cons, over all, short form takes the cake in terms of boosting business growth and higher ROI in 2022.

Short form videos normally range from 20 seconds to 60 seconds depending on the social platform you’re using.

Tiktok for example now allows you to post a full 3 minutes clip video while Instagram allows up to 60 seconds of a video via Instagram reels. YouTube on the other hand, allows both short form and long form videos not paying attention to their duration.

You can use short form videos to create content in a new and artsy way. It also Increases brands creativity. This is because you are now forced to sell products in limited time. This means that you have to highlight the most significant parts of your products or services that you are trying to promote for you to convince people.

Short-form video marketing is also  the perfect way for you to access both millennials and Genz because they different age groups relate with short form videos better.

To make it easier for you to digest, below are 4 major ways short form videos are better for your brand than long form videos

  1. You can increase your brand engagement through short form videos especially among younger people who enjoy video form content to any other kind of content.
  2. Your brand is easy to remember with a short form content because most short form content are straight to the point and highlight all the major details of the ends or a product, people remember them easily. 
  3. Short form video content helps Your SEO. Videos are a great way to keep people on your website for longer and even short form videos are still impactful. The google algorithm keeps check of the time visitors spend on your website and then use it to ran you. If they spend quality time on your website, your ranking on google can increase.
  4. Short form videos promises a higher Email Open Rate.

In conclusion, while this might sound like a pitch to go for short form videos as opposed to long form videos, it will depend on your marketing plan.

What are you trying to achieve with the video!

Also remember that is important that your video is well put together and also offers value to the target audience you want it to reach. Your video in whatever form it comes in should always be authentic and relevant to your audience.

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