Digital Marketer, Adedotun Adekanmbi has dished out some advise to young and new rising artists in the industry on the importance of having a social media marketing strategy if they want to be heard.

He revealed that digital marketing in currently on a fierce trend and it would be advisable for artists to tap into especially upcoming artistes because they need it the most.

Adedotun also known as DotunOnAMission said that upcoming artistes must take their career with much levity and identify the genre they thrive best in and focus on it while making sure that they reach their digital marketing through digital marketing.

“In this age and time there are lots of opportunities for artistes to expand on their skills and make sure that they are speaking to the right audience,” said Adekanmbi.

The digital marketer continues: “the first thing for an upcoming artiste is to know your audience and determine your fan base. Once you can know the audience that are going to listen to your music and you determine your fan base by that you will have the right step in marketing your music to a potential audience. And always at any point of time choose and know your genre of music because that will help you a lot to know the kind of audience you are speaking to.

“If you are a rap artiste you know you have to market your song towards rap enthusiasts because those are the people that will push your gospel in that sense.

“When you see a song online that is big make sure you get the instrumental of that song and do a cover that you can post on your social media. If you have a little budget of five thousand naira it would go a long way for you and help to put your music in front of potential audience. Also, always make sure you satisfy your consumers with your music as it is your product.

“You need to develop a social media marketing strategy. Your social media platforms including facebook, Instagram, TikTok especially you need to develop a free entry level social media marketing strategy.”

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