If your business is on social media, and you hope to grow your audience  in really large numbers, then, you need to start live streaming.

This is actually one of the easiest social media hacks to reach a larger audience and increase your website traffic.

What Is Live streaming?

Live Streaming is a feature found majorly on social media platforms that helps brands and users share their live (raw and unedited) footage and moments in real time.

Why You Need To Start Using Live Streams To Grow Your Website 

So yeah, you know what live streaming is and you know that somehow it’s very important for your business if you to grow your social media platform/platforms.

Why is it important  though besides the fact that you were just told that it is?

Well…here’s why!

Creates A Bond Between Your Brand And Your Customers

Live streaming creates a natural human relationship. This is because you give your audience a behind the scene look into your  brand and business.

They stop viewing you as just a “business” or “brand” and start seeing you as a human being.

This can make them feel more comfortable with your brand and business.

A pre recorded video cannot create the same feel that a live video creates because the viewers cannot look at you from a fresh perspective. 

With a live video, they know that you don’t know how you look on camera and that you’re not extremely cautious of what you say unlike a pre recorded video were you have to tweak and change things in the video till it’s completely perfect or close to it.

At any point in time while watching you on live, they are aware that something can go wrong. That element of surprise is what strengthens the relationship between your brand and your audience watching.

If your audience constantly watch your life streams, they begin to view your business as a close friend or associate rather than a formal enterprise.

It also helps them trust your brand more, which will help them take more positive actions towards your business.

Easiest Way To Connect With Your Audience

Most people believe that live streaming is difficult to pull off.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The purpose of a live stream is to show that you are a real human being, behind all the perfectly curated social media posts. This is why you should aim to have a faultless live. Your aim when doing live videos should be to be as real and human as possible as opposed to being perfect.

This makes it such an easy way to get the attention of your customers and your social media audience.

All you need is a great internet connection, a good setting and good audio equipments so that your audience can hear you clearly.

Social Platforms Favor Live Streams

Yes! More than any other social media feature, social platforms react most favorably to live streaming.

Once you decide to go live, a lot of your followers are immediately notified. The social algorithms work better for live videos such that the chances of your followers seeing it up on their news feed greatly increases.

Platforms like instagram, Facebook and YouTube especially are best for live streaming if you want to attract a lot of audience.

On  social media, it’s also much simpler to find people that can share live videos. When your followers  share your live, it increases your content’s visibility.

Your Audience Will Engage With Live streams 

There is a natural pull to watching someone on live.

The best way for you to get your audience to engage with you is through live streaming.

It offers a large level of interaction between your brand and your consumers.

On most live streams , the audience watching can easily post comments, like your video and sometimes even send you gifts and they all show up on the live.

This will leave your audience and customers feeling very satisfied and this breeeds a deeper connection between your brand and your viewers.

It opens up a good communication boat which will keep sailing the more you go on more lives. 

There is no other social feature that can get your audience to engage with your brand on a more personal level than live streams.

The more your audience engage with your live, the more social media recognizes your brand as relevant and hence pushes it on more peoples faces.

This will help you gain consistent followers as long as you live steam consistently.

To drive even more engagement to your live, you can ask your audience questions and they can also ask you questions. You can sell to them indirectly while still maintaining a non-invasive sense of community.

You Reach A Wider Audience Because It’s Mobile Friendly

Almost everyone right now has a mobile phone and belongs to a social platform, this means  potential viewers are most likely going to use their smart phones to watch your lives.

 Since consumers today view almost half of all video content online through a mobile device, the odds are that the majority of your viewers will tune in with their mobile phones.

This massively increases your chances of generating more audience for your social platform .

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