With the rise of SEO in 2022, a lot of websites are looking for easy ways to rank higher on Google’s SERP.

This has led to some black hat SEO techniques by some websites to move up quicky and trump other competitor websites.

Black Hat SEO techniques does come with its own consequences and sometimes does consequences affect your own website even when you’re adhering strictly to Google’s rules. This is known as a negative SEO attack.

How does this happen?

Competitors can build links that are spammy to your domain with the aim of getting you in trouble with Google and ultimately ranking lower. This gives them a chance to climb up higher than you.

How do you deal with these attacks?

Search Advocate John Mueller has shared a super easy tip for dealing with negative SEO attacks.

This topic was addressed on the reddit app during a Q and A session with the community.

Mueller advices that the best way to handle bad links linking back to your website is to completely ignore it.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less, just ignore it.

‘’Think of it this way, if your competitors are competent, they won’t build links for you. If your competitors are incompetent, the links won’t have any effect.”

This makes so much sense. If your competitors are really good at what they do and have a robust chance of ranking high on Google’s SERP, they will see no need to build spammy links back to your website.

Why waste time on negative SEO techniques when that time can be spent working on positively impacting their website?

This shows that you have no reason to be worried if you are getting spammy links because it most certainly will not recognized by Google.

You see, while Google pays a lot of attention to websites, it ignores low-quality links or links that look like spam.

Whoever is trying to outrank your website by playing the dirty game is going to fail while at it, so, there’s no course for alarm.

If you want to find out more about Google’s SEO guidelines, click here. That way, you’re certain you aren’t breaking any rules that might lead to your website been penalized.

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