Microsoft Advertising is rolling out a host of new product features, expanding audience targeting options in Microsoft Advertising Editor, and introducing other key updates. Here’s a quick overview of the latest developments:

Audiences Now Available in Editor for All Markets: Advertisers worldwide can now manage audience associations for remarketing, in-market audiences, and more directly within Microsoft Advertising Editor, streamlining bulk changes.

Expanded Availability of In-Market Audiences: Microsoft is extending in-market audiences to EMEA, APAC, and LATAM markets, offering advertisers broader targeting capabilities.

Updates to Responsive Search Ads (RSA): Auto-generated assets for RSAs are fully launched, resulting in improved click share and click-through rates. Advertisers can also create multimedia ads by duplicating existing RSAs.

Logo Extensions: A new ad format called Logo extensions allows advertisers to add their logos to text ads, enhancing brand visibility across account, campaign, or ad group levels.

Integrations for Customer Data Platform: Microsoft is integrating with Hightouch and Zapier for Customer Match, simplifying the process of uploading first-party data for more targeted campaigns.

These updates are set to provide advertisers with greater control, efficiency, and reach in their advertising efforts on the Microsoft Advertising platform.

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