To add to to its existing control features, Twitter is experimenting with a new restriction feature for its users. One thing Twitter is going to keep at consistently is developing new ways for their audience to be in control of their entire twitter experience.

Twitter is currently testing an option for its users that will enable you to stop people from mentioning your handle completely, or limit mentions to only those who you follow in the app.

This new restriction feature gives you the rein when it comes to controlling your twitter interactions with similar twitter users.

At the top, there’s an ‘Allow Others to Mention you’ toggle, which would stop people from referencing your @handle entirely.

twitter's new restriction feature

That will most likely deactivate any mention of your handle, much like Twitter’s recently launched Unmetion option which lets you leave Twitter chats that you no longer want to be a part of.

As you can see in this example, if you choose to leave a conversation through this option, your handle link is then deactivated within that thread. People can still mention your handle after that, but it won’t link back to your profile, and you won’t be alerted to such.

In addition to this, there’s also a new option which would enable you to limit mentions to only those who you follow in the app.

In combination, these elements could have a significant impact on the way that Twitter functions.

With these new restriction feature, we will see Twitter moving away from its global approach by giving each of its twitter users a voice for twitter topics and discussion.

This could potentially be a great thing for users.

One of the major reasons Twitter has added all of these new elements and keeps updating its app is to aid users completely avoid all the negative impacts of public posting especially recently when people are getting cancelled after some specific tweets.

There’s a massive consumption of Twitter content but the Interactions are mostly passive. There is a reason for that. People are so scared to interact the way they would really like because of the crippling fear of saying something wrong and being called out for it. Sometimes the most minor mistakes get so amplified on Twitter.

Twitter is intentional about user experience hence why they’re creating more control options for their users to use. You can avoid or shut down trolls, spammers and people who insult you or use provocative languages on you.

This new feature will be great for Twitter users going forward because now you have an option to control your Twitter experience. You don’t have to entertain some people if you don’t want to. You can mute, block or just report an account that makes you uncomfortable and now with the testing of this new option, you can control who sees your tweets.

Twitter is yet to make any official statement or announcement concerning this feature though. A twitter developer did make a statement that confirmed that the option was currently undergoing investigation. The tweet has since been deleted.

Until Twitter officially announces this new option, you can keep using Twitter’s other control feature to define your twitter experience.

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