Instagram is currently developing a new feature for reel creators on instagram called ‘Achievement badges’ which will help motivate them.

Yes… you heard Your reels are about to get that extra oomph!

This was recently discovered by App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who regularly picks up on coming features sitting in the back-end code of apps.

This new ‘Achievement badges’ feature in your Reels options, will display certain badges based on your Reel’s performance.

Don’t worry; no other person will be privy to these new elements. These ‘Achievements’ will only be visible to you with the idea seemingly being that this could function as an incentive element to keep users posting more Reels more often.

 Instagram is convinced that users want more Reels, as many as possible, in all elements of the app.

Is that really a solid truth?

 Maybe people are watching Reels on Instagram or maybe Instagram is just throwing reels at people’s faces, nevertheless, the importance of using Reels especially for your small business should not be undervalued.

Using Reels on Instagram is the best way to go viral. It only makes sense that Instagram will look for more ways to spice it up and to keep Reel creators motivated.

To be fair, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has said that people are watching more and more video in the app either way, and it’s merely leaning into consumption trends by stuffing more Reels in. But it sure does seem to be leaning pretty hard, to the brink of falling over, at times, in an effort to get more Reels in front of your lit-up face.

Would Reels Achievement Badges get more people to post more Reels?

Realistically speaking, Yes.

Why not? It would be the newest kid on the blog, and people generally love newness and o they would love to tap into it so of course, the audience will increase. It can also be a great way for reel creator to monitor their best performing reels and also help them be committed in creating more quality viral worthy videos.

But it does seem a bit on the nose, right? Again, I get it, it may well work, but allocating achievement badges to keep people posting?

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