Meet The Reachers

David Umeani

  Hi. I’m David (aka The Boring hustler), Co-founder & Head of Digital at The Reach. I’m super passionate about […]

Elvis Umeani - Projects, Bingreach

Elvis Umeani

I’m Elvis Co-Founder & Project Lead at The Reach I’m passionate about Root cause analysis, business process analysis and design. […]

Gift Onah - Bingreach Digital

Gift Onah

Hi. I’m Gift, Business Lead at the Reach You can call me an all-round action lady because I’m always on […]

Seun Ariyo - Graphics designer, Bingreach

Seun Ariyo

Hello. I’m Seun but my close friends and colleagues call me Bati. I’m super passionate about using my design skills […]

steve ugoh - creative designer, Bingreach

Steve Ugoh

I’m Steve, Creative design lead at The Reach. I’m an all-round creative super passionate about the intricacies of design and […]

Jennifer Oruche - Customer Relationship manager, Bingreach

Jennifer Oruche

Hello. I’m Jennifer aka Jenny from the Block, Customer Relationship Manager at The Reach. I’m super passionate about People and […]

Femi Apanishile - Production Lead, Bingreach

Femi Apanishile

Hello there. I’m Femi but everyone calls me Saint. I’ve got a deep passion for creativity and productions. Naturally, I’m […]

Fransisca Ibe - Accountant, Bingreach

Fransisca Ibe

Hi there. I’m Francisca and you can call me the Money Lady. I’m passionate about work and financial processes. I’m […]

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